Sandy Beach, Please?

Sandy Beach, Please? So you have probably smiled and cringed at my last blog; something about missing a flight that is a “special” kind of “ugh.” The story did not end, I was still in the airport when I writing the last piece.With the United Airlines event (hold judgment on United, interesting details coming out, see […]

Keep it Simple

Keep It Simple. This blog post is a little different than the my previous posts. Here you get to go on a journey with me. Now sit back and lets take off on my “simple” airport experience last week…As I sit at the airport on my first, (almost), day of vacation it was a moment of […]

You Think You Have It Bad…

You Think You Have It Bad… I work in the mortgage industry in one of the hottest and toughest market in America: Seattle. Sure, San Francisco is more expensive and New York has the condos that must be made of pure gold; in Seattle the housing inventory is at one of the lowest levels that I’ve […]

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