The #OscarFail

The #OscarFail  In light of recent events, we couldn’t help but comment on the recent #OscarFail: What do these all have in common:   Dyson, Popeyes, Microsoft, the Oscars, and Tom Brady. Failure. Lots and lots and lots of failure. James Dyson failed over 1,000 times before getting the bag-less vacuum on the market; he’s now a billionaire […]


RAK  Random Acts of Kindness week is past, trust you were the recipient or the giver (both??) of a wonderful RAK. What next? Is it like Christmas; it’s simply over until next year? Not hardly. All of us are in business. Police, parent, driver, coach, chiropractor, administrator, farmer; there is a reason you are in business, to […]

Getting it Write & Right; Piggy-Back!

Getting it Write & Right; Piggy-Back! Tom Hanks as Jerry McGuire. John Travolta as Jim Morrison. Sylvester Stallone as Axel Foley. Jodie Foster as Princess Leia. Gary Cooper as Rhett Butler. Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly.Opportunity is a funny animal; it presents itself when you least expect it and often in a form that you may […]

6.5 is the new 7.0 seconds – WIIFM?!

6.5 IS THE NEW 7 SECONDS – WIIFM?!We are all working to catch attention of others.Moms and Dads want to be sure they teach their children the burner on the stove is hot before they touch it becoming badly burned; literally scarred for life.Teachers are working to get sugar loaded, sleep deprived, hormonal teenagers to […]