Do You Know These Four People? 

You woke up this morning with an unbelievable, yet completely common realization; you are a salesperson. What?!?! You bake for a living. You’re a student. You have vowed silence for 6 months, how can it be that you are a salesman? It’s OK, it’s not a bad word – salesman – we don’t realize how skillful we are. If you have to interact with anyone, especially 2 year olds, you have to sell; but how should you sell? Know the four:

The wise. This is the person who comes to action steps from a point of knowledge.

How to persuade: Ask questions that will create uncertainty in the “knowledge.”

The cynical. This is the person who “knows” that everyone is looking to take advantage of them.

How to persuade: Demonstrate your trust by recommending something that clearly benefits the cynical while putting you at less advantage.

The simple. Either you can meet their needs or you cannot.

How to persuade: Don’t talk too much, have highly organized data available, be able to quickly demonstrate value – you are an authority helping them, quick close/redirect without high pressure.

The disinterested. Usually a stakeholder than must be a part of something, often not at their own choosing.

How to persuade: Lead, with precision, to talents, abilities, skills, benefits, comfort, ease of solution that the disinterested did not know about or that are needed and only you can quickly resolve for them.

So it’s not that everyone is a 2 year old, it’s the approach that means you got the last cookie or watched that million dollar sale go to your competitor.

*This blog post was influenced by the book Roar! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle by Devin Daum with Daniel A. Turner.

Mark Palmer

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