Getting it Write & Right; Piggy-Back!

 Tom Hanks as Jerry McGuire. John Travolta as Jim Morrison. Sylvester Stallone as Axel Foley. Jodie Foster as Princess Leia. Gary Cooper as Rhett Butler. Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly.

Opportunity is a funny animal; it presents itself when you least expect it and often in a form that you may not recognize. Each of the six actors above had a crack at a top tier film and turned it down, or blew the part once they got it.

Let’s make sure you don’t miss your next opportunity.

Data: the new/next oil.

You want to open a dry cleaner. You’re purchasing a pizza franchise. You’ve decided that you are the best mechanic in the world, time to get hired by Chrysler Racing or jump into a brand new team. You are going to be a pro-am golfer. What do all of these have in common? Google.

What happens after the initial search? You jump to Facebook for input, directions and comments. Maybe you head over Franchise Pizza R Us website. Perhaps you are lower tech sending out a group email to a few people who you believe will be able to give you more input.

How granular can you get? Consider This site of 6.7 million programmers addresses your deepest, darkest, craziest and coolest questions about, wait for it… programming. Questions such as how to pass javascript variable to via django template…riveting stuff; and it is for a programmer.

How do you get started not missing the top tier film?

Ask yourself if your idea, company, skill creates value for a user base that significantly overlaps with the one they are currently using. OK, now in English. A few years back there was this cool site called Anyone remember that? Anyone willing to admit they had a MySpace account? Nope. Along came this college site named Facebook which piggybacked on MySpace both in style and audience.

Let’s go back farther. Once upon a time there was a VHS player…until the DVD showed up.

Once there was a DVD player… until NetFlix showed up AFTER piggy backing on the DVD.

Hmmmmmm, still to recent. Back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, not to be confused with roaming charges on your phone when you go out of the country, there was a company that made the best buggy whip… until Henry Ford showed up.

Did you realize the frontal assault by the cute (or pesky, you pick) Girl Scouts selling cookies at your favorite grocery store is being driven by data? Listen closely to the young ones who are successful in getting you to buy cookies. They don’t ask you if you want to purchase some cookies, they ask you if you want to support the Girl Scouts? Now what tough guy??!?! Box number 20 coming up.

In short: If you can climb on the back of a successful product to get started, then totally disrupt the market with your skill, invention, company, service, idea; you are going to be successful.

  • Hotel to Air B-n-B
  • Taxi to Lyft or Uber
  • Phone to Skype
  • Carburetor to Fuel Injection
  • Gasoline to Battery Powered cars
  • Land line to cell phone.
  • Thomas Guide Maps to Google Maps
  • Film cameras to Digital cameras
  • Books to “e” readers
  • Wedding planner to Wedding planners (plural) online
  • Encyclopedia to Wikipedia
  • Nintendo 64 to Xbox and Playstation
  • Typewriter to printing press to keyboarding
  • Vinyl Albums (“Yes” they really used to be albums) to cassette to Walkman to iPod
  • Telegram to “snail” mail, to email to text, to video, to Snapchat.
  • Film movies to portable video cameras to YouTube.
  • Analog watch to smart watch to fit watch; unless you’re talking about a Rolex.
  • Tube TV to flat panel to round panel with infinite pixel coloration.
  • Broom to vacuum cleaner to robotic vacuum cleaner.
  • Verbal to print, to calligraphy, to print, to cursive, to print, to fonts. GenZ can’t read cursive.

Let’s wrap up with Gary Cooper: “Gone with the Wind is going to be the biggest flop in Hollywood history, and I’m just glad it’ll be Clark Gable who’s falling flat on his face and not Gary Cooper” - according to IMDb.

Rated at 94% by Rotten Tomatoes, “…if not the definitive Hollywood film, then certainly near the top of the list.” Gone with the Wind is available in its limited edition 70th version at any place that sells films, videos, DVD’s or digital down loads.


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