The #OscarFail 

In light of recent events, we couldn’t help but comment on the recent #OscarFail:

What do these all have in common:   Dyson, Popeyes, Microsoft, the Oscars, and Tom Brady.

Failure. Lots and lots and lots of failure.

James Dyson failed over 1,000 times before getting the bag-less vacuum on the market; he’s now a billionaire watching his son learn how to fail in the battery business.

Al Copeland dropped out of school in the 8th grade; most would write him off as a future debt to tax payers. Before his death, Mr. Copeland had a personal net worth above $300,000,000.

Bill Gates was a university drop out. Anyone want to remember window 98? The jokes about pushing the start button to stop the program? And VISTA?!?! You could get a “free” rollback program from Microsoft, that’s bad. Zune? Ugh.

The Oscars had a tough night. Now the question and test of character comes. How will the debacle of announcing the wrong winner be handled?

If I were on the board of the Oscars, I’d reach out to Tom Brady. Love him or not, he was a first place looser in the last Super Bowl…until the game was over.

My hero above all others is Wile E. Coyote. That guy doesn’t know he lost – everything! His health, (think Ace Acme Anvil falling on his head); His wealth, (he blew his last dime buying that anvil); his friends, (how many times did Bugs Bunny show up only to tell him his plan would not work?); but never his drive, desire and ability to get up and do it again.

I wonder if Wile E. Coyote coaches Tom Brady?

Mark Palmer

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