We are all working to catch attention of others.

Moms and Dads want to be sure they teach their children the burner on the stove is hot before they touch it becoming badly burned; literally scarred for life.

Teachers are working to get sugar loaded, sleep deprived, hormonal teenagers to “absorb” quantum physics or basic multiplication.

Employers look to the hiring process with dread; complete sentences are few and far between in a world of BTW, LOL and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Advertising is hitting us at every angle; without a choice. Typical target market may be looking at the TV (multiple screens in screen mode for sure Dude) listening to music, having someone talking “at” them, looking at 1 or more phones, while playing multi-player X box – all at the same time. Did we mention the doorbell is going off with the pizza and RedBull waiting to be paid for – through an app?

In the 1950 advertising professionals and those looking to make an impression for various reasons were told they had 30 seconds. By the time the 80’s rolled in (remember those shoulder pads?!??!?! And the hair, oh yeah the hair, lots, and lots of hair) influence had to be made in 15 seconds. By 2015 influence has to happen within 7 seconds.

Welcome 2017 where you now have 6.5 seconds to get the attention of your audience. Notice, you can’t influence them anymore, only get their attention. You have to have the best presentation ever to get the highly calloused thumbs to stop for another… wait for it… 3 seconds. Do it right: awesome photo, high expression experience, incredible deal, what everyone is doing, something free, something instantaneous, gratification delivered in a nano- second with 5 apps all available for download, you’ve got 2 whole minutes of attention.

Someone is going to say, (“Yes” actually say…) “Oh, this is about millennials. Not so Grasshopper. Take a look at the average Baby Boomer. Working with text, email, smart phone, multiple screens on the computer, satellite conference calls, WhatsApp, Skype, Jing, Join.me, 3 way calls on the cell phone, Google Maps while driving, Facetime, video messaging.

OK, so now you are a believer, attention span is shot, what to do?

  • Make sure what you have to say makes sense, quickly; very quickly.
  • Make it personal; know your audience – one size does not fit all.
  • WIIFM know this: What’s in it for me – have the value prop down cold- no hot burner scar.
  • Communicate and if you have to, use words.
  • Avoid generalities or comparison to “him” or “her” or “them,” ugh.
  • Be relatable. Like attracts like. You’re not a chameleon, don’t try to be, it won’t work.
  • Run into them. People drink the same coffee, they go to the same gym, sit in the same seats at the concert, sporting event, church, conference, go to the same web locations; be there.
  • Meet your target audience's friends, be cool, be liked.
  • Ask for hlep, er… help. People love to help and to talk about themselves, make both happen at one time and you are viral – over 1 million hits on YouTube; you star you!

So #whatsyagot for me? Let's keep this #remarkableexchange going. 

Mark Palmer

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