Dental Insurance & Swoopers

As I write this piece, I have a gold star, complete with diamond, (rats, it’s not a real diamond), taped to my shirt. Of course you are wondering why? Our team celebrates victories on a regular basis. We have our Star Wall which Kaitlyn and Katherine put together. Everyone is recognized for their “over and above” efforts. Anyone noticing what is wrong? The star is on my shirt not the wall.

Being a leader, I like to believe that I have unique, personable, polite and objective standards. It seems that recently I’ve become a “Swooper.” Really?!? Me?! I teach this stuff, I cannot be a swooper.

According to obviously unreliable sources, turns out that when I showed up for the teams morning huddle 2 minutes before the scheduled start time with a, “This will just take 30 seconds...” and it was only 30 seconds - it’s been a while since my word was “good.” Ouch.

What’s a swooper? Someone who forgets everyone else has a schedule, agenda, importance and to-do list. BTW, that “to-do” list is the one you gave to them… 30 seconds ago.

How to recognize you are a swooper before they (who is they and why do they always show up?) give you a gold star:

1 You say this will just take a second and your staff asks if they can go the restroom first then schedule a root canal.

2 You say this is something we need to take a look at right now and your staff asks if they can complete their root canal first.

3 You say this needs to happen right now and your staff asks what happened to left now as in they are leaving for lunch, the night, a root canal?

4) You ask you staff if they have a moment and they say sure, it’s only 5:30…a.m. should be able to spare a moment however they have to leave at 4:30… p.m. for a root canal – 3rd one this week.

5) You say you would like to discuss a new idea and your staff asks which one takes precedent over the 650 ideas that had to be discussed earlier that day; your staff – all of them – have a post-root canal seminar scheduled they don’t want to miss.

Last but not least; you know you are a swooper when your staff asks for better dental insurance.

For those of you who are “the swooped"...

1 Sounds like a great idea, let’s get together in 30 minutes?

2 I’m working on a project that is due in 2 hours, does this take precedent? Please sign for me not getting my project done and contact the party who will not be receiving what they are expecting from me.

2a I’m working on the priority you gave me this morning, please sign my “Change Log” that we agreed we would be using when you shift my priorities mid-project.

3 Here is my calendar, you are welcome to put in 15 minutes of discussion time anywhere you see the color blue.

4 No.

An update to my blog post - I now have a star on the Star Wall! 

Mark Palmer

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