Persuasion, It's in the Presentation. 

As I write this, I have had an interesting day. First, I was challenged to spend less time on the computer… OK, strike one, I’m writing this on my computer.

Next I was challenged to do some giving. My wife is a utility player at 3 major hospitals. Translation: She gets a call when things are really hairy. Early this morning she was “summoned” to run the house for one of the hospitals. Running the house means she is looking at every patient, responding to every code blue and basically keeping flow in motion. Cool for a soccer playing adrenaline junkie. Hmmmm, can I say junkie when talking about a hospital? Knowing she would probably not get lunch for a while, I brought her a real dark chocolate ice cream espresso milk shake. Hearing the code blue as I walked into the hospital I knew she was not available. Up to her office; the door is locked. Down to the front desk – no one there. Over to the ICU desk only a person behind a wall who was determined not to look up. Unfortunately it took a little “grunting” to get Miss Behind-the-Wall to look up; even more to get her to take the milk shake and commit to giving it to my wife. As I was leaving the hospital I was thinking it was a bit frustrating to have to get a bit “gruff” to get someone to take a gift.

Now it gets bad. I’m heading for home when I notice the small boat trailer being towed by a rather small pickup, has smoke coming out of the driver’s side trailer tire. I get right up to it to be sure it’s a problem, oh yeah, grease is rolling out and smoke is pouring out of the wheel bearings. For you technical types, the end cap was long gone and there is not visible cotter pin over the lock nut. For you non-tech types, when that end cap is gone, that means the wheel is starting to flop around on the spindle. Translation, it’s going to fall off.

The next part makes sense now, did not when I was trying to be a Good Samaritan. Remember small boat and small pick up right? I’m in a Chev diesel, 3500 Dually that looks and sounds like a semi going down the road. I get up to the driver’s window to get her attention, honk my horn and emphatically point her to the side of the road. The driver slows down and heads for the shoulder as do I with my fire extinguisher ready. One problem, she goes to the shoulder then speeds back into traffic. What?!?! Run this through your head, she in little truck – me (male) in big truck going nuts trying to get her to the side of the road before her tire falls off and/or catches fire. What did she think? It was obviously scary.

Here’s the wrap. You are going to be communicating with other humans every day. Previous situations cannot carry forward to the next situations. Conversely, you can’t go backward either. Each time you communicate requires a “reset button” be used. Take that extra second to assess whether that person can hear you. If you find that your actions are screaming so loud no one will be moved by what you say; reset, it’s better for you and for them.

Mark Palmer

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